Polebridge, MT: Where Did Winter Go?

Unbelievably enough, it’s officially spring. As with most of the country, the “wild winter” of “clime and punishment” predicted by the Farmer’s Almanac never materialized here in northwest Montana. While Whitefish received much less snow than usual, Polebridge did see its typical two feet on the ground, but the temps were mild—relatively speaking.  I guess it’s just as well since half our woodpile was (and still is) ensconced in a three-inch-thick sheet of ice.


Although we didn’t spend as much time at the yurt this winter as we would have liked, we have gotten a lot done in terms of decorating. We now have a proper bed, a nearly functional kitchen area, and, hallelujah, a composting toilet that works great (so far).

The goal now is to sit still for the summer and enjoy the yurt in comfort. I would like to attempt a small vegetable garden, which will be a challenge considering frost is a threat nearly all summer long. Chris, I suspect, will be gone fishing most of the time, since he has met another potential fishing buddy who lives nearby.

In the meantime, we’re getting out of dodge once again. Early spring is the absolute worst here, what with all the snowmelt, mud, and terrible roads. So we’re headed to Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast for three and a half weeks.


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  1. If you weren’t one of my best friends on earth, I’d hate you. 🙂 xo


  2. It really looks like it is shaping up quite nicely. Aren’t you going fishing too? Have a great time on your trip and hope to see you in that great adventurous place called Illinois soon.


  3. The Yurt looks like it is shaping up. Have a great trip!


  4. When in Amalfi, make the trek up the mountain to Ravello and eat at the hotel Giordano. MAGNIFICENT!! Have a great time, I miss you my friend!

    Much love


  5. Chris … just “love” what you’ve done with the bedroom! It appears you get HGTV in Polebridge!

    Enjoy your trip,


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